About Us

About PadleBeta.com

Situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, right in the heart of India, PadleBeta.com is reaching out to lend a hand to the young students and aspirants all across India to provide them the right guidance in order to achieve their higher education goals. Established in June 2011.

PadleBeta.com has its own premises and endeavors to support students with an exclusive personal service to ensure their bright future.

This career development company comprises a team of self-motivated, student-friendly, sincere, and approachable experts who always treat their clients with courtesy, offer guaranteed success through rational and experienced thinking, and are resolute to ensure their success worldwide.


Director’s Speech

Padlebeta.com & Team Adhyan an ISO 9001: 2000 certified name, An Ace among Colleges. My dream is to provide an opportunity to all aspiring youngsters who are considered average by their academic track record to learn and train in management discipline and convert these average individuals into first rate professionals.

Those Students who could not get admission into top elite B- schools but are highly talented and are trainable to assume significant role in management profession are our raw material.


We believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality Education. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention, to seek excellent quality in career prospects post qualification.

We are professional and reliable and work best in interest of both students and our partnered universities and colleges.

Bottom line of the company philosophy is building a long-term business partnership with students where interpersonal relationship, reliability, assured quality and target oriented results are major building blocks.

“Health and education is most important because a nation is not land. The nation is people and their health and education is the core. Education is not charity. It is an investment. If you plant a coconut tree, you wait ten years to see money. Isn’t it?? If you invest in proper education and health, you will see nation Growing….”

Success Story

“The essence of Padlebeta.com, a journey of courage and heart of Our Founder!! Mr. Gagan Agarwal that has taken us from a little NAME to a leading FACE & BRAND today. We are now a top ranked Educational company for academic excellence as we are for our Management programmes, an entrepreneurial approach and the idea of service to society. ”

When MBA was in initial Trends in 2007…… Coaching institute & teachers were only point of guidance!! Which sometimes made tough for students to come up with desired result… So in a small Room of 100/Sqft. Mr. Gagan Agarwal Founder of Padlebeta.com thought to come up with an idea to guide students as per their choice & Need & guide with Parental Advice! As this same happened with him when he was planning for his Master…….

Initially he faced lot of challenges …….. WHY HE SHOULD Guide?? But the answer was!! He had corporate experience of 10 Years working with Top brand like Kodak Mahindra, L.G & TATA -AIG.

So he has seen working industry more closely than others….. He started to plan and give a transparent advice to all the MBA aspiring students…….. By calling them face2face in events organized by colleges directly…. in INDORE city initially……. Now in this 10 Years…… WE As team has delivered with more than 11000+ Admission covering more than 15 cities Covering Like Indore, Bhopal, Ajmer, Jaipur , Gwalior , Durg , Bhilai, Bilaspur, Nagpur , Raipur & Jabalpur….. Many more in list.

success story
our mission

Our Mission

Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission. This is the distinguishing feature which differentiates us right from the beginning. Today our service is extended to serving as a one-stop education advisory and placement centre, providing free, comprehensive educational counseling to students and parents seeking professional advice on further education ranging from Colleges, pre-university to tertiary level.

Our values

Our experienced education counselors are ready to advise students on courses and career opportunities according to their interests, aptitude, aspirations and educational background. Having a broad network with education providers we are able to suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students’ needs.

  • Open Communication and Transparency
  • Professional Skills and Due Care
  • Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity
  • Confidentiality and Professional Behavior
  • Inclusiveness, Impartiality and Respect
  • Consideration, Empathy and Inspiration

Future Plans

The company is planning to continue its aggressive growth rate by adding new courses to its product portfolio and increasing its market penetration by the enhanced geographical spread. Small cities where students are waiting for a good career….. have been mapped ….. we are soon coming up with offices in Bhopal, Gwalior, Ranchi & Nagpur.

This planning has been done for the students…… by the success of our currents Students & A superb Team…..

Indore’s Recent plan to be the recent plan be No1. in swach bharat Ranking, Padlebeta.com is now focusing on the no 1st rank in the list of best educational state at India Level.

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